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stop the sale of animals in pet stores unless they are shelter pets

The selling of pets pets in pet stores promotes puppy mills, and all that goes with them;  unwanted pets, unheathy pets, unclean conditions, neglected, abused and forgotten animals that live out their lives in cages. These pets are not bred by people following breed standards; they are often registered with registries that would register anything (for a fee). Their purebred prices can actually be mixed breed pups. Many of the pets in pet stores are sold by the crate load at auction. True breeders would never allow their pets to be sold in a pet store, and follow strict guidelines to perpetuate the breed. People who are looking for a purebred animal very rarely go to a pet store to purchase one. It is most often a impulse purchase. There are many, many animals sitting in shelters in this state (that started off in a pet store) that are just waiting for home. By allowing only shelter pets to be sold in pet stores , it would be a win-win situation. The pet store owners could still make sales while doing some good, and pets could find forever homes once the applicant was approved.  I would like to see Connecticut be the first state to have such an honorable precedented law.

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