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Reject the Liquor Law Modification Bill

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The Connecticut legislature recently introduced a bill that will endanger your local, independently owned wine and spirits shops. Governor Malloy would like you to think this bill is only about allowing Sunday sales, but its impact is much greater than that. Rather than protecting small businesses and their employees, this is a nod to out-of-state big-box stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, Costco, and major supermarket chains.

Under Governor Malloy's proposed legislation, supermarkets, big-box stores and even gas stations could go into the package store business. The two most important portions of the bill would allow box stores and food stores to own 9 alcohol sales permits--each! This would cost up to as many as 7,000 jobs and add hundreds of new alcohol permits to the state. Seven THOUSAND Connecticut residents would face unemployment, and hundreds of small, family-owned package stores would be run out of business

Currently, our state regulations only allow one package store per 2,500 people. Governor Malloy seeks to end that restriction, allowing permits to be sold to big-box and food stores and then moved into any town regardless of population.

Carroll Hughes, executive director of the Connecticut Package Stores Association, predicted Thursday that if the governor's bill becomes law, it will mean the end for most of his members, which would be crushed by supermarkets and big-box retailers.

"There wouldn't be 100 package stores two years from now," Hughes said, adding that the legislation could put as many as 3,000 new permits into the market. There are currently 1,228 package stores and about 1,100 grocers and supermarkets with beer sales permits.
(Source:, Ken Dixon, reporter)


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