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Release Alex Barnes from custody

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Alex was not given a fair opportunity from the beginning. He was taken into custody six months after his ex-girlfriends baby died. It was automatic that because he held the baby last he had to have injured him to the point of death. And simply because his only alibi witnesses were his Mom and sister the prosecution determined they all were lying to save Alex, rather than it being the truth. Never once did the police consider the mother in the situation or the actual father. He has been held in custody for over two years and then endured an unfair trial with a jury not of his peers.

On the day that the baby passed away the mothers sister text Alex's mother to babysit the baby. That in itself was strange but she would help any way she could. When Alex's Mom called to speak to the mother to find out the details of why she was asked to babysit, she discovered the mother crying hysterically as well the baby in the background. She told her to calm down and that everything would be okay and that she would watch the baby. The mother was desperately trying to go to school that morning. Alex was asleep at her house so his Mom told the mother to have Alex get ready so he could come home with her and help watch the baby. Alex's Mom goes to pick her, the baby and Alex up from her house then drop her off at school. After which Alex and his Mom picked his sister up early from school because she didnt feel well. Between the time they arrived home and the paramedics were called it was right around two hours. After the baby was in emergency for just over three hours he was pronounced dead. Naturally Alex and his family are distraught and clueless.

The next day, 10 detectives converge on Alex's home to take him, his sister who was twelve at the time and his Mom to the police station. They were thinking they were going to tell them what happened only to discover they were being accused of murder. The ex-girlfriend and the biological father happened to be there at Alex's home at the time the police show up and then everyone is taken to the station. They played the game of pitting one against the other until they had just enough to press charges against Alex. Still nothing... It was not for six more months that they brougth the charges to fruition and it was based on the corroboration of the ex-girlfriend and the police creating evidence that would make this charge stick. He has now been convicted strictly on hypothetical theories and circumstancial evidience. There was absolutely no factual/direct evidence. He didn't even have a violent or criminal history.

It seems to happen more frequently than it should, that peoples lives are taking away based on the word of another individual. How many people have to suffer in prison for 25 years to life before they are found innocent of the crime they are charged with? Please help us bring Alex home.


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