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Oppose cuts to public school transportation funding.

Due to a shortfall in projected revenues, the California State Legislature may approve a $38 million cut to school bus transportation. The cut would take effect February 2012. The mid-year budget cuts will affect 47,000 students that ride school buses on a daily basis. Daily commuters to magnet and special needs schools will lose access to educational opportunities that their parents have sought for them. Athletics and field trips will also suffer. The loss of buses for athletics means that schools will lose their sports teams and many students will lose their eligibility for NCAA scholarships. The loss of field trips will prevent students from having diverse learning experiences. The new budget will potentially result in hundreds of lost jobs for bus drivers, supervisors, and other staff after their contracts expire. Students who depend upon school-district-provided buses may have to arrange their own transportation.
We, the under-signed, oppose any further cuts to education, particularly to athletic, magnet, and special needs programs. We call on our local and state legislators as well as Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) administrators to unconditionally oppose these cuts and to seek other sources of funding in order to keep our educational programs intact.

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