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The California Innocent Project is currently handling Jermaine's case in order to assist in his exoneration.

     Jermaine Smothers has been in prison for 18 years for a crime he did not commit. On May 11, 1995, in the northeastern section of Oceanside, California, Jermaine and four of his friends were chased without provocation by an unknown gunman while walking down an alley to a nearby park. As Jermaine's group ran out of the alley into nearby apartments, Jermaine heard a series of gunshots.


     The real danger to Jermaine was not the gunman in the alley, but rather the legal system that found him guilty of murder. Though Jermaine passed a polygraph test and was not involved in the crime in any way, he remains imprisoned, an innocent man charged with murder. Evidence presented at the trial showed that the deceased possessed a weapon and chased Jermaine's group with it.

     I was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on July 14, 1975. I was an average student that excelled in sports. My father was in the military, so I have had the opportunity to travel quite a bit. We lived in North Carolina, Japan, and California. I have two sisters and a brother. My only child is my son, Jermaine, Jr. he is 18 years old now, so I've missed all but eight months of his life. Before coming to prison, I was working and taking care of my family. I wasn't a deadbeat; I was trying to turn my life around for him and my family. I wasn't perfect but never murdered anyone.

     I was extremely close to my mother; she was my favorite girl until she passed from cancer in 2008. One of the hardest times I had to face while in prison was not being able to say goodbye and her not seeing me walk out these gates. Not being able to raise my son is equally hard. I was looking forward to watching him grow up and become an outstanding young man.Jermaine never conspired, aided nor abetted or was involved in this crime in any way; other than being at the scene. Jermaine should not have to continue to pay for a crime he had nothing to do with.

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Letter to
Governor Jerry Brown
San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis
Attorney General's Office 1300 "I" Street, Sacramento, CA 95814-2919 Kamala D. Harris
and 4 others
City Attorneys Office
City Attorney of Oceanside, CA 300 North Coast Highway, Oceanside, CA 92054 John Mullen
California State Senate
California Governor
I was troubled to learn that despite the recantation of a key eyewitness, the passing of the polygraph, and no physical or biological evidence linking Jermaine Smothers to the crime. Also there was evidence that someone else committed the murder of Ernesto Flores.

Your office has not corrected this injustice by agreeing to overturn the conviction of Jermaine Smothers. At this present time he has been wrongly incarcerated for 16 years. Your office has the opportunity to right this terrible wrong.

Jermaine Smothers is a San Diego County resident. He has lost 16 of the 17 years of his only child’s life. He also lost his mother to cancer in 2008 and was unable to say goodbye.

The California Innocent Project is currently handling his case. I urge you to immediately review and agree to overturn the wrongful conviction of Jermaine Smothers and allow him to rejoin his family so they can live their remaining years free and together.

Help overturn Jermaine Smothers wrongful conviction. Thank you for your time.

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