To stop small animal cruelty!

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Attn: Governor Doug Doucey of Arizona, USA, other Governors of the United States of America and Premiers of Canada

When will something be done to protect small animals such as rodents and birds from people like this monster on Youtube who makes sadistic videos of his lizard goring them apart and his snakes poisoning and strangling them for his fans on Youtube for a profit? Why is there no protection for small animals just because they are smaller than cats and dogs? They are highly intelligent pets that feel pain just like any other creature and this live feeding is totally unnecessary as these reptiles will readily take thawed out humanely pre-killed food! Even the picky snakes can be trained to do this, but the monitor lizards like in the videos absolutely will take pre-killed food! It makes you wonder why such pets are allowed to be kept by people in their homes when they belong out in the wild and in zoos! Please do something to amend the laws to provide new protection for small animals and to make live feeding like this illegal!

There is a sick and sadistic person named Ryan Ploof from Meza, Arizona who goes by the nickname of Reptars Rampage on Youtube who has very cruel snuff videos toward rats, where he purposely lets his pet monitor lizard crush and gore them just for his sick amusement and to get more views on Youtube. The guy's name is Ryan Ploof and he is from Meza, Arizona

Also he put up a GoFundMe page as he is trying to collect donations for further cruelty videos! >:-/

Please do something to stop this sick monster before more animals get hurt!!!