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The Governor of AK: Reconsider and reverse a decision to not reestablish the Denali Buffer

We are EAGER to support the Alaskan economy with our tourism dollars. However, the reputation of the State of Alaska in terms of its commitment to sustainable wildlife management and to its reputation as a wildlife tourism destination was damaged when the Alaska Board of Game rejected a petition from a coalition of wildlife organizations urging it to enact a wolf buffer (no-trapping) zone on a small parcel of land along the eastern boundary of Denali National Park. Significant economic advantages to Alaska’s tourism economy can be derived from the proposed buffer zone. We urge the State to reconsider and reverse this decision.

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This petition was delivered to:
  • Commissioner, Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game
    Cora Campbell
  • state of alaska
  • Lt. Governor, State of Alaska
    Mead Treadwell
  • Executive Director, Alaska Board of Game
    Kristy Tibbles
  • Superintendent, Denali National Park and Preserve
    Paul R. Anderson
  • Director, Fish and Game
    Douglas Vincent-Lang
  • Interior Director of Alaska Affairs
    Kim Elton
  • Deputy Director, Alaska State Chamber of Commerce
    Andy Rodgers
  • President/CEO, Alaska Chamber of Commerce
    Rachel Petro
  • US Department of Interior
    Secretary Ken Salazar

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