Save Tiktok

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 There is talk in the United States of banning the social media platform TikTok because of tensions between the United States and China as well as potential security risks. We cannot ban this app, not because it is impossible, but because there are many people that depend on it financially. This app has launched careers for musicians, photographers, dancers, etc.. While this app is mainly used as a source of entertainment, many legitimate businesses have benefited from this platform. TikTok has helped many people monetarily throughout the economically devastating Coronavirus pandemic. If it had not been for TikTok, I wouldn’t’ve been able to fill my gas tank after I lost my job. I’m saving up the money I make from this platform to buy an apartment to get out of my current situation. If I lose my platform, I don’t know what I’ll do and my fellow creators agree that they would be greatly, negatively impacted by this loss. Please save TikTok from a countrywide ban.