Stop the return of captive dolphins to the British Virgin Islands

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Very little good news came about as a result of hurricane Irma which decimated the Virgin Islands in 2017, however the destruction of the tourist attraction run by Dolphin Discovery in Tortola meant that the island no longer held captive dolphins - but that may be about to change.

Now the government of The Virgin Islands are in discussion with Dolphin Discovery  to bring this outdated form of entertainment back to the BVI.

The practice of exploiting these intelligent, social animals is out of step with the modern world, basic decency and increasingly, the law, as countries, most recently Canada, continue to ban this vile exploitation.

Many travel companies, most recently Tripadvisor, have stopped promoting or selling tickets to captive dolphin programs as they distance themselves from those that profit from their confinement and suffering.

This brings shame on all of us who call the BVI home.