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Remove Sanitarium's Tax Exempt Status In Australia And New Zealand

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Sanitarium operates as a Tax- exempt organisation, owned by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church,Sanitarium operates not as a charity but as a religious organisation, albeit with a revenue of A$300 million dollars. It is my belief, and a belief of many others that this special treatment Sanitarium receives, is unfair and unjust, as it makes it very hard for smaller fledgling companies and start-ups to compete.

Sanitarium also markets itself as "the health food company" and although it may have been true a long time ago, i would argue that the slogan itself is a farce if one takes the time to look at the sugar content in many of it's products, with obesity becoming an epidemic throughout Australia and New Zealand, it would make sense to allow other companies, marketing healthier alternatives to thrive, by simply getting Sanitarium to play by the rules, and pay taxes like any multi-million dollar conglomerate.

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