We want our Shenoy Nagar Thiru Vi Ka Park

We want our Shenoy Nagar Thiru Vi Ka Park

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I have been living in Shenoy Nagar in Chennai 600030 for the past 37 years and my father for the last 60 plus years. We had a beautiful green park called Thiru Vi Ka Park, which for the last 8 plus years has been closed for Metro rail work. I understand that was a necessity and therefore waited patiently. Now the metro station is functional and the promise was once the station is up and running the park will be restored with all the trees, put back in the same shape and form, infact 158 trees were axed. The promise was for every one tree axed 10 saplings will be planted. Now the park was to be restored and given back for us to enjoy the green space and fresh air which we have been deprived off for the last 8yrs. But to our dismay CMRL suddenly launched into another 2yrs project of building shopping complex and car parking in the rest of the 9 acre space and now cutting the remaining trees too... for who is this shopping complex and concrete jungle being built is the question, not at the cost of trees that’s 60 to 70yrs old. The residents and park users feel this is a gross miss use of green space which was also a great source of ground water. We request the National Green Tribunal to intervene and stop any further damage to the environment.

Hope this case would not be brushed aside saying this is the price we pay for infrastructure/ development. There are so many examples of developed countries were trees are given equal rights as us humans.

We want our park back and want the remaining trees to be saved.

We want the park back immediately