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Make the hunting of all endangered species illegal.

We the people of the world, call upon the Government of the Republic of South Africa to criminalise the hunting of all endangered species.

In light of recent events involving Melissa Bachman and the hunting of lions, and the response by petition, we call upon the Government to make it illegal to hunt any endangered species in South Africa.

The Government was petitioned by Elan Burman to prevent Melissa Bachman from entering South Africa again. This would have minimal impact on the hunting of endangered species within South Africa, which is currently legal.

The current legal status of hunting of endangered or threatened species in South Africa threatens the survival of all of those species. Hunters see it as a game, where the animal killed is a trophy, regardless of whether this species is endangered or not.

The Government of South Africa needs to make it illegal to hunt and kill any endangered or threatened species on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Killing those animals should come with a hefty prison sentence, not just a fine - a fine will not deter hunters and will undo the work of conservationists.

If we continue to allow hunters to kill endangered species, we will have wiped out the majority of those species within 30 years. This will have an adverse effect on the ecosystem of South Africa, and indeed other parts of the continent.

We strongly ask the Government of South Africa to consider the implications of not making the hunting of endangered species illegal will have on the environment of South Africa and the continent, and also how the world views South Africa

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