NO to a Dolphinarium on St. Maarten!

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Unfortunately, there are AGAIN plans for a Dolphinarium and Swim-With Dolphin facility here on our lovely island of St Maarten. This will be the 4th such attempt and during previous attempts both visitors and residents made it clear that there is no need for such a facility on Sint Maarten.  

The law of St Maarten should be changed to permanently prevent dolphin captivity on our island and the surrounding waters.

 With your help we stopped this the last 3 times. With your help we WILL STOP IT AGAIN! With your help we will stop it FOREVER!

 Protect the Dolphins and Keep Them FREE!

Join us to say:

  • NO to a Dolphinarium on St. Maarten! 
  • NO to Swim With Dolphins on St. Maarten! 
  • NO to Dolphin Captivity on St. Maarten!
  • YES to Dolphins swimming free in their natural habitat

A Dolphinarium on St. Maarten would be purely for commercial gain. There is no educational, economical, conservation or environmental reason to open a Dolphinarium on St Maarten. There are many, many alternative activities which can be introduced to increase our tourism product for both cruise and stay-over guests, which would be economically beneficial to our island and generate jobs for the local labor sector without cruelty to animals.

St. Maarten does NOT NEED dolphins in captivity to sustain and develop its tourism product. Dolphins in captivity will chase away our tourists the whole world knows how cruel the dolphin industry is. More and more people are becoming aware, choose for compassion and oppose those cruel dolphin prisons. Nobody can build them a bigger, better, nicer, or deeper home than they already have. 

A dolphinarium at that location will be a catastrophe for what is left of our coastal environment. Dolphins defecate a sigificant amount and this fecal matter will contaminate popular Maho Beach. Before landing most tourists arriving by plane will be turned off by the sight of prison cells for these wonderful creatures. 


  • Petition the Financiers behind this project
  • Petition the Government of Country St. Maarten against this and any future Dolphin captivity projects
  • Petition the Government to write a ban on Dolphins in Captivity in Country St. Maarten into LAW!


  1. Stop any and all current plans for captive dolphins and all other marine mammals on St. Maarten.
  2. Have it written into the Law of country St. Maarten that there will be no form of Marine Mammal captivity, in any type of facility, for any reason whatsoever, now or in the future.
  3. Bring awareness to the island of St. Maarten in regards to the importance of protecting the freedom of dolphins and other marine mammals from the negative and cruel captive dolphin and marine mammal industry, destructive fishing practices and environmental hazards in our waters and internationally.