Police brutality should come to an end. The tuticorn incident should serve some justice.

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Police brutality is civil rights violation. Just because you have power it does not mean you can exploit it. The tuticorn(thoothukidi) incident has got many startled with the injustice that has happened and this is what happened according to the “INDIA TODAY” - 

While the world outrages over the death of George Floyd due to police brutality, back home the death of a father-son duo allegedly in police custody in Tamil Nadu's Tuticorin district has caused a furore in the state.

Now, media reports have suggested that the duo was brutally sexually assaulted in police custody.

59-year-old P Jayaraj and his 31-year-old son J Bennicks were picked up for questioning by the Sathankulam police for keeping their mobile accessories shop open during the lockdown on June 19.

They were allegedly thrashed by the police while in custody, leading to their deaths.

While Bennicks fell ill and died at the Kovilpatti General Hospital on June 22, his father died on the morning of June 23.


A Chennai-based news site The Federal has quoted eyewitnesses as saying that Jayaraj and his son Fennix were allegedly sodomised in police custody.

Quoting friends and family, The Federal reported that when the father-son duo was released from jail, they were found profusely bleeding from their rectum.

“Between 7 am and 12 pm on June 20, the father and son had changed at least seven lungies (waistcloth) each as they had become wet due to blood oozing from their rectums,” The Federal quoted a friend of Bennick's as saying.

The friend also said that the father-son duo came out of prison in a dishevelled state with torn and bloodied clothes.

He added that they complained of severe rectum pain and kept bleeding from their rectum.

They were taken to a hospital after being released from prison where the doctor allegedly declared the duo fit on the insistence of the local inspector.

Bennicks and his father were then taken to the judicial magistrate but reportedly could not tell the truth of their ordeal due to repeated threats from the police.

Friends of Bennicks, who were present in the police station when the police rounded them up, told the news outlet that for three hours, they heard only the screams and cries of Jayaraj and Bennicks.

"Throughout the night, the duo cried for help and people residing about 500 meters away from the station could hear that,” the eyewitness reportedly said.


The custodial deaths have sparked outrage in Tuticorin.

Shops in the district remained closed on Wednesday to protest the alleged custodial death of the two traders in Sathankulam police station.