Child Care Leave for Public Sector Banking(PSBs) Women in India.

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The women employees in Public Sector Banks work under tremendous customer pressure and amidst acute staff shortage. The footfall in the Public Sector banks of India for e.g. the State bank of India is almost fifteen times than that in any private sector bank because the common man of India uses the financial services of the Public Sector banks. But still, the Government of India is giving child care leave to the central government women employees only whereas the real need is for banking sector women employees who work far away from their homes and have to  sell insurance, mutual funds, Atal Pension Yojana, Jan Dhan Accounts etc apart from their core banking works. How will these women look after their new borns? How will these women look after their families after child birth especially when their family is a nuclear family with no support from parents as these women are often working away from their homes? Remember the part played by these public sector banking women in the success of the demonetisation.  Many of them fainted on their seats itself but still continued to work. Now is the time for these women to demand their true right from the Government in terms of the Child care Leave as the Government is giving to the Central Government Women Employees.