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ENDING the practice of Female Genital Mutilation in Canada

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Canada is a country of immigrants, and is made better by many of the cultural contributions that immigrant groups bring with them when they come to Canada, in search of Freedom, and the Better Life that our country offers. I, myself, am a second generation Canadian.

That does NOT mean, however, that ALL cultural practices that people bring with them are positive. It CERTAINLY does not mean that we must support, or encourage these practices.

Some practices that people bring with them, regardless of the reasons or the history or the tradition in which they are employed, can ONLY be seen as Barbaric.

They CANNOT be allowed to take foothold in our society, and MUST be condemned in the strongest possible terms, and with the HARSHEST penalties to ensure that our new neighbors understand that while THEY are more than welcome here, certain things that they did in the lands they came from, must be left there.

As MY Granny said to me, "That was in The OLD Country. We are CANADIAN Now."

This petition is regarding the practice of Female Genital Mutilation. It is a Barbaric and Horrifying practice that MUST be stopped. Firstly, here in Canada, by Statue, and then, Canada must lead the rest of the world to an outright ban.

Female Genital Mutilation, or FGM, is a cultural practice of some peoples. It is not confined to any one Race, Religion, or Creed, although it seems to be most prevalent among the peoples of Asia and Africa, that are currently migrating to western countries.

It seems that the only commonality between the peoples that practice FGM is a belief in the inferiority of the woman. Canadians belief in the EQUALITY of the Woman is recognized in Law already.

FGM is a surgical procedure, yet it is not performed by trained doctors, or even a person that has had ANY kind of training.This is also a violation of Canadian Law, meant to protect us. Only trained doctors should perform surgeries.

It is not performed with proper surgical instruments, but rather with razor blades, broken glass, or a variety of homemade tools, in non-sterile conditions.

It is not performed with any type of anesthetic, the victims often taken by surprise, held down against their will, and screaming, while some stranger cuts pieces of flesh away from her vaginal opening. This varies greatly, sometimes the entire labia is removed, sometimes the clitoral hood or even the end of the clitoris is amputated, then then her legs are tied together, so she can "heal".

This often leads to horrible complications. Her husband will have to tear through the scar tissue to achieve penetration, and intercourse will often be horribly painful. It also leads to complications during childbirth which can include DEATH for the mother and the baby.

For the sake of the Women victims of this Barbaric practice, living and dying in pain. For the sake of the young girls who will BE victimized, and MUTILATED while you talk and debate whether you will OFFEND someone calling Barbarity what it IS.

For the sake of those girls, young and not yet born, that will be SAVED the agony and death. For the sake of the RIGHT of Equality of Women.

After looking at the details of this practice, for the sake of COMMON DECENCY.

We, the undersigned, by our signatures, do hereby DEMAND that the government act on our behalf, and on the behalf of all Canadians, and on the behalf of women, worldwide, to legislate an end to the practice of Female Genital Mutilation in Canada by passing the following legislation, or a law similar to the restrictions, classes and penalties below.

To Whit:

No Person shall perform any act of Female Genital Mutilation.

Further, No Person shall allow any act of FGM to be performed, or shall make any arrangement, payment or allowance for the performance of an act of FGM.

Further, No Person, and Especially, no Doctor and No Social Worker, shall witness, or shall fail to report the commission of an act of FGM or the RESULTS of the commission of an act of FGM to the appropriate authorities. Any Person, found to have knowledge of an act of FGM, that does not report said evidence, and cooperate fully with investigation and punishment of the offender shall also be deemed guilty of the offense.

To underscore and to emphasize the SERIOUSNESS of this offense, and  in recognition of the LIFE LONG agony and LIFE THREATENING complication caused by this act, both the MINIMUM and the MAXIMUM sentence for any person found guilty of any of the above parts of this offense is to be Natural Life in a Federal Maximum Security Prison.

A person found guilty of PERFORMING, ALLOWING or ARRANGING the act of FGM shall not be eligible for parole during their natural life.

A person guilty of witnessing, of concealing or of failing to report an act of FGM shall be eligible for Parole, only after a minimum of 15 years have been served. If parole is denied at 15 years, no application for parole will be considered until 22 years have been served, after which, parole may be granted or denied at the discretion of the Parole Board, according to their regular criteria.

The practice of Female Genital Mutilation MUST be Stopped!  How many more Children will SCREAM before YOU act to Save Them?

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