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Petitioning The Government of Armenia

Stop persecution of Vartan Oskanian and the Civilitas Foundation.

On October 2, 2012, Armenia’s National Assembly removed Vartan Oskanian’s parliamentary immunity. This was done at the request of the Prosecutor General and he is expected to follow with criminal charges of expropriation and money laundering against the former foreign minister and member of the Prosperous Armenia Party.

The Prosecutor insists that the government is "protecting the rights of the Civilitas Foundation" from Vartan Oskanian, its founder and Salpi Ghazarian, its director. Mrs. Ghazarian and Tigran Karapetian, a Civilitas Board member and the intermediary in the gift transaction, may also be charged.

The offenses carry a four to 20 year prison sentence. We are convinced that at the base of this persecution is a post-Soviet attempt to muzzle possible political opposition from a leading political figure and the large, influential NGO which he established – the Civilitas Foundation, and its media arm

Join in signing this petition to the Government of Armenia to stop the persecution of Vartan Oskanian and the Civilitas Foundation.

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Letter to
The Government of Armenia
I just signed the following petition addressed to: The Government of Armenia.

Stop persecution of Vartan Oskanian and the Civilitas Foundation.

I am opposed to political persecution. I demand a fair resolution to the criminal case involving the Civilitas Foundation and former foreign minister Vartan Oskanian. I highly value the rule of law and the equality of all before the law. I demand an end to the political pressures against Civilitas and Oskanian.

I am sounding the alarm on greater restrictions on political and media freedom in Armenia and persecution of those who are opposed to government policies and unwilling to submit to government control. The Civilitas case is a clear example of this broader and dangerous trend towards the further weakening of Armenian democracy.



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