Urge the Albertan Government to Roll Back Cuts to Wildfire Funding

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The Government of Alberta recently released a budget that cuts wildfire funding, which will significantly decrease the success that Wildfire Management has in deterring, detecting, and fighting wildfires. The GoA plans to cut the Rappel program (a helitack crew specifically trained in rappelling into a wildfire where helicopters are unable to land), cutting 30 lookout towers (human-manned towers that monitor vast areas of forest and report weather for analysis), and one airtanker group (these groups spray retardant and water on the areas around wildfires in order to prevent their spread).
By decreasing provincial funding, Alberta will have to call for aid from other provinces and countries in order to combat wildfires. This means that it will be more costly to transport personnel and aircraft to fires, and the wages earned by these resources will be spent out of province.
While the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Devin Dreeshan says that Rappel crews only spend 2% of their time actually rappelling into a fire, that does not mean that their services are not necessary. If crews are not trained in rappel action, then even the possibility of a crew being able to fight a hard-to-access fire is significantly decreased. Lookout towers are one of the best and most effective ways of detecting wildfires before they reach an unmanageable size. Airtankers are needed all across the province to help deter wildfires from reaching population centres, industries, and watersheds. They are instrumental in effective wildfire fighting.
If you are an Albertan, please sign the petition to call on the GoA to roll back the cuts to wildfire funding.