More funding for the NHS Gender Identity Clinics #TransCantWait

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Across the world, transgender youth are killing themselves simply because they do not have the resources to change. All the things a basic human being would do, waking up, showering, having a conversation, are 200x harder for those whose body is not that of their mind. The constant internal battle between mind and body is what drives our future generation to these drastic actions; as one of these youths, I would know.

I came out as a trans man three years ago. My GP referred me to a Gender Identity Clinic in 2018 - but I have still not had my first appointment. I'm 17 years old and want to get on and live a happy fulfilling life - not be stuck in this healthcare limbo.

The waiting times for Gender Identity Clinics in the UK are shockingly long - and it’s hurting the trans community. We are sick and tired of being told to wait 14-18 months, we are sick and tired of actually waiting 25-31 months and we are sick and tired of being so physically exhausted with the way that we are that it is driving us to the edge.

According to the BBC, over 13,500 trans and non-binary adults are on waiting lists for NHS gender identity clinics in England. It’s unacceptable - and I’m calling on the Government to urgently provide more funding for these life-changing services.

The Government claims to be all about the people, so we are appealing to you now. Help us. We are struggling to fight any longer, with the rapid increase of transgender population percentage, it’s time to fund the clinics we so desperately need.

Most of us can not afford to pay for private health care, it costs £50,000 to pay for our “bottom surgeries”. Many say that these could potentially be classed as cosmetic and therefore don’t have to be Government funded, well to that I say this:

Our way of life (completely unchosen and unwished for) causes mountains of mental health problems that are infecting us, as a collective.

We need your help, desperately. All you have to do is sign this, it won’t harm you or your way of life in any way, it’s just enough for us to be heard. Please support the trans and non-binary community by signing my petition today.