HMOs and other Noisy Neighbours... "IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU TOO!"

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Normally, the victims have to move to get away from the noise while the offenders get to stay. Where is the logic and justice in that?  Moreover, the noise coming from these houses can cause the reduction in the value of one's property and/or make it impossible to sell - as I've already experienced.  You are not safe either (if not now, but in the future) because the government and the councils want to extend HMOs on a wider scale because they benefit from HMOs while the victims suffer.

Some of these properties are not suitable for HMO dwellings because of the poor constructions - thin party walls, no soundproofing, so making it impossible to stop the noises coming from these HMO houses into one's own house.  The councils know about the poor constructions of some of these houses, especially ex-council houses, but they refuse to address the situation...

HMO noise nuisances and unsociable behaviour from adjoining neighbouring properties can happen to you, too (as happening to me and others) if the government and local authorities have their way.  Because, HMOs are the substitute for the government & local authorities’ failure for not building accommodation to house people.

If you feel you are a victim of HMO noise or any other noises and you're not being protected from these noisy neighbours by your Local Council/Environment Health dept. (who seemed to be covering up and protecting the offenders and not prosecuting them) please join me and sign the petition.


My personal experience:

Initially, my complaint to the Council's Environmental Health Dept. was about an HMO property owner heavy hydraulic-springe noisy fire doors (that you will normally find in offices and industrial buildings) fitted in a prefabricated, substandard, domestic house that is not suitable for fire doors.  Then, my complaint developed into where the environmental health officer lied and covered up noise evidence (endorsed by her superiors and the Local Government Ombudsman) to support their approved house in multiple occupations (HMO) property owner noisy fire doors. This was because they do not want to spend the money, nor have the property owner to spend his money to have noise fixed.  My observations of the environmental health officer and superiors and council's attitude, also portrayed in letters from them; they have shown me they would definitely rather see my health suffer from the noises and leave me here to die because they do not care!

I am not against the fitting of fire doors if it is for tenant’s protections from fire, but the government and local authorities should have property owners purchase solidly constructed houses and/or install soundproofing. Or, even better yet, to purchase detached properties for HMO purpose.

I believe there are 6 + heavy hydraulic-springe fire doors installed in the HMO house. And recently, in the past year or so, heavy fire doors were fitted in the flats to the other side of me.  So, I'm stuck between 2 properties and a total of 8 + of these heavy noisy fire doors.  I'm finding it impossible to relax and sleep because of the noises; leaving me frustrated, suffering from anxiety and depression.  And, I already ended up in the hospital for 3 days with high blood pressure and a mild stroke all because of the noises and what the council's environmental health dept. have put me through on top of all my suffering...  My GP informed the Chief Executive of the council about his concerns for me, because of the situation that was placed upon me and my already heart and other medical conditions, but the Chief Executive just ignored it all.

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