Help Save Animals By Passing Bill-C246

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You may be surprised to know that Canada is rated one of the worst countries regarding animal abuse. 

The World Animal Protection gives Canada a D on its animal protection index, below India, Brazil and the Philippines. 

 Canada also ranked 45th out of 50 countries in the animal cruelty index.
Now as a Canadian I find this absolutely unacceptable.  Its time to raise awareness and facts about animal cruelty to Canadians and help support abused animals nationally.

Why I am starting this GoFundMe:
I have always had a big connection to animals much like my family, we have had and still have lots of animals of all varieties, dogs, cats, fish, birds, and recently bunnies.  And I always assumed that animal cruelty would be on a massive downfall especially in a country like Canada until I found out otherwise. My immediate response is this donation page where others can help fight Animal Cruelty, i'm not asking for much just enough to donate to various organizations.

What this money will be used for:
I will be donating 75% of the money earned to Animal Support organizations located in Ottawa and 25% to Awareness campaigns.

[I will keep updates on what I have done with the funds, and what your donations have helped do.]

Some Statistics Regarding Animal Abuse:

-Cosmetic Testing on animals is still legal in Canada! Unlike our European neighbors who have banned it completely.

-45,000 Animal cruelty complaints every year in Canada

-1 in 1,000 Number of complaints that lead to criminal charges

-92% Canadians who want better laws to protect animals