End Pit Bull Discrimination and Bans AKA Luna's Law

End Pit Bull Discrimination and Bans AKA Luna's Law

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Started by Kat Larson

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I am here to try and make a change about the way Pit Bulls are not only viewed, but treated.  I myself own a Pit Bull who used to be an animal abuse victim. Due to her breed, despite being a very sweet girl and kind to children, she is viewed like a criminal by not only insurance companies but by the general public. I realise that people do not want to look at the hard facts from history to make the correct changes that need to happen for the breed.

The history of Pit Bulls was up until the 60's they were known and identified as the nanny dog. Due to their high pain tolerance, patience with children, and need to please their owners they made a perfect nanny to protect baby and keep baby safe. In the 60s a man who did not like his neighbour understood the breeds mentality of being the best and most obedient dog with the need to please and trained his dogs to attack his neighbour while she was running, and the dogs killed her. The dogs were not intending to go to such extremes in the sense of blood thirst but in the sense to be good dogs and seek validation from the owner. This event changed the way the dogs were viewed from loving nannies to murder machines which is still to this day not the case. The people pleasing breed only acts as the way they were trained or the environment they were in.

My Pit, Luna, is an abuse rescue from Arkansas. She was baited, bred, burned, beaten, used for fighting, had various skin infections, and has PTSD to being around other dogs from her first 4 years of life being in an abusive environment. Luna is very loving and nurturing. She adores children, especially babies. Many pit bulls are like Luna naturally. The ban on the breed should be lifted. These dogs need protection from being put on euthanisation lists instantly due to their breed and nobody wanting them from the bad reputation implemented by people with bad intentions.

This petition is to eventually bring this all the way up to the White House with time and lift the ban and end discrimination to have these dogs protected equally under law and insurance companies.

Luna’s Law will become tied together with releasing the ban country wide, keeping the breed off the euthanisation list, and instilling a breed equality law to have consequences to those who abuse animals and or poach in the United States. Fines clearly do not do enough. We need hard, concrete, prison time to begin the consequence for animal abuse. I would much appreciate your support taking this to the White House as well would Luna. Thank You for your signature.

42,369 have signed. Let’s get to 50,000!