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Compulsory Micro-chipping of domestic animals

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Microchipping MUST be compulsory for all dogs as well as all new puppies, Cats including new Kittens. This WILL in turn make the owners/breeders accountable for the dogs they have responsibility for. Far too many animals are abandoned without microchips and most are taken in and cared for others unfortunately face the fate of being PTS as there is no room in the rescue centres, and even with a network of foster carers are still unable to save all of them. There is many options for rehoming an animal but one of them should NOT be abandonment. Microchipping also will help to trace owners in cases of cruelty & neglect. Recently, the GSD community has been shocked with the news of Prince, an elderly German Shepherd who had been dumped on a filthy mattress in a nearby park. An Officer reported that poor Prince appeared dead, was far too weak to move or lift his head, was soaked to the bone, covered in faeces and his coat is matted from head to toe. The Mayhem Animal vet team immediately got him onto a drip and medication and monitored him very closely. Sadly, Prince did not make it, the extent of his suffering was too grave & he passed away peacefully thanks to the efforts of The Mayhem Animal Home. This cruelty is abhorrent as this poor innocent victim has been suffering for a long time. Puppies & Kittens should have to legally be microchipped before being sold and new owner details taken. Too many animals are suffering because of irresponsibility. Please consider this petition as justice for poor Prince & all the other animals suffering at the hands of irresponsible owners & please support this like the Welsh Assembly has and together we can all take responsibility for the welfare of the domesticated animals in our country and prove that we are still a nation of animal lovers.
Many Thanks.

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