Tougher penalties for parents who refuse to pay maintenance for their child.

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We need tougher and quicker resolutions for non payment of child maintenance. How is it fair that parents can time and time again get away with not paying for the children they help to make.

This is a topic close to my heart as my sisters ex has refused to pay anything for there children for 11 years and continues to be allowed to get away with it. He merely has to tell the CMS that he is either not working or has no assets without any further checks on whether they are being truthful.  No reprimands, no penalties and he continues to have children with other women and start the same cycle over and over again. There are 6 children amongst 3 woman all suffering the same fate with the same parent and no cross referencing of the cases are being done from the CMS. 

This sort of behaviour is abuse and neglect of a child and should not be able to happen. Both parents are legally, emotionally and financially responsible for their children. Although they continue to monitor the situation and try to come to a resolution, to allow this person to go 11 years without 1 penny towards the upbringing of his children is ridiculous. They should be given criminal records and taken to prison as anyone who doesn’t pay a fine has to do by law for non payment of council tax and parking fines and this should be treated as such.  And it needs to happen quicker and not be allowed to go on for 11 years. They need to be allowed to investigate and infiltrate these peoples lives as they are criminals and need to be brought to justice!! 

We need to put pressure on the government to change how serious it is to not pay for your children and get people listening!! This will change so much for so many children who suffer daily due to the lack of money and care they receive from both parents.

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