A levels, GCSEs & BTEC courses for the year of 2021 to be re-evaluated to become fair.

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The government have thought about the year 11s & 13s of this year regarding the 2020 COVID19 crisis but they have not considered those who are in years 10 & 12. These students are having to teach themselves around a quarter of multiple courses they are studying. All at different abilities, different skill sets and different motivation levels. We are all going to be at a different stage with our courses when / if we go back to school / college soon. 

For those in year 12 who are expected to apply to University’s on A levels they have taught a quarter of to themselves - this is not fair. We all learn in different ways. Some schools has enforced more academic rules than others in this crisis. Personal statements having to be handed in soon with no guidance or help and some are unsure on what University course to apply to with no advice or support. For those in year 10 having to teach themselves around 9-10 subjects, this is almost impossible. Teachers are doing their best to help from home but some just don’t have the environment or the mindset to work remotely. You may argue that at the age of 14/15 you are not mature enough to realise how much these grades mean to your future.

For this issue to be resolved I believe that the government need to agree on a fair solution for the year 10s & 12s. GSCEs & A Levels need to be rethought, just like the class of 2020s were. The students of these years are at a huge disadvantage and something needs to be done about it. I believe assessment should be done using a combination approach of coursework, teacher’s assessment and some subject tests. This approach will flex depending on the subject. Please consider this flexible and reasonable petition.