Call for the Governor General to Stop Kangaroo Culling

Call for the Governor General to Stop Kangaroo Culling

10 January 2020
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The Govenor General The Honourable David Hurley (The Honourable David Hurley)
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Why this petition matters

Started by Kangaroos Not Plague Nor Pest

Culling must stop or we will lose them all together 

With the current bush fires, drought and climate change upon us all, and with losing over a billion wildlife and still counting; We the citizens of Australia and the watching world call for an end to the kangaroo culling that has been happening in this country for far too long.

Our Kangaroos and Wallabies of all species are at severe risk of extinction. Our Government does not listen to the experts, & only uses its own scientists with self interests who's papers are not even peer reviewed ... Many Macropod experts, Ecologists, Scientists, Teachers, Lawyers, Doctors, Vets, Wildlife carers, Politicians & even Ex Kangaroo Shooters!  have been trying to get the Government to listen to the facts and figures about Macropods; how they are not in plague proportion, how they are not a threat to grasslands & golden sun moths etc, how they are not impacting negatively on their own land as the Government claims.

Our country  is burning because our Government did not listen to the experts. They are not fit to govern our wildlife or our forests NOT when their only goal is to make a profit out of anything and everything that moves or represents a life force. This sick psychopathic mentality is destroying our health & wellbeing, our planet and all that moves and lives upon it. 

Kangaroos have lived here for thousands if not millions of years without causing any problems to the land. We the new Australians in just 250 years have created an environmental disaster, inconsiderate unsustainable suburbia spread and housing, massive highway development, pushing animals out of their own habitat. The use of unsustainable farming - cotton, hoofed animals and fracking have all contributed to the dry baron landscape, yet Kangaroos are blamed for this and brutally killed, whole families wiped out in the most abhorrent ways whilst the pet food industry & those linked to it are laughing all the way to the banks, meanwhile cats and dogs die early with diseases because it is not a healthy meat for any animal or human consumption, banned in California and Russia for these reasons, and the immense cruelty involved, NOTE: more cruel than the clubbing of harp seal pups and that is from the mouths of those who have witnessed both.

Kangaroos do not breed like rabbits and may have up to 3 or 4 Joeys in their lifetime in the wild IF THEY ARE LUCKY!!! They have a high mortality rate: guns. abusers, (they have risen over the years - running them over on purpose in cars and trucks, sickening attacks with knives, poisons, machetes, and arrows) dog attacks, fences, car fatalities, diseases (caused by stress, myopathy, their DNA is at risk of change due to stress, it's how we almost lost our koalas) Farmers with guns, property owners with guns and slack laws where their friends can come and shoot as many as they want in NSW without a license. And NOW drought, climate change and fires. 


Those who have vested interests continue to spread the lies that Roos are in the many millions, some say even 40 million. It is in fact impossible to count the number of kangaroos!

Ray Mjadwesch from Bathurst, ecologist and macropod specialist is just one of many experts who explains why they cannot be counted:

“This could be the greatest wildlife swindle in scientific history… 
In 2011, I reviewed government data finding that kangaroos are in serious long-term decline in New South Wales. I submitted exhaustive scientific evidence detailing critical errors in government population surveys; flaws in the harvest model; systematic inflation of kangaroo numbers; and over-allocation of quotas.Government population estimates since then show increases that are biologically impossible, ensuring that millions of kangaroos continue to be shot annually from ever-shrinking populations. It’s an industrial-scale slaughter of an international icon.”  

Based on all of this;  Kangaroos must be protected. Culling must become a thing of the past. This is akin to whaling so why are we allowing this to continue! 

Especially now that we have lost so many to the fires and we will lose more every year to the droughts and heat, so we must do what ever we can do to protect them and stop demonising them and killing them. Shame on Australia !

See letter from a previous kangaroo shooter


More information about kangaroos at risk:






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Signatures: 640Next goal: 1,000
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