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Deny "George Wildlife Park" the opportunity of establishing any cub-petting facilities in our town as this seemingly innocent industry is the basis for a much darker side - that of canned hunting.

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In February 2014 an application was put to the City Of George to open a "wildlife" park in the region.

This park intends to house captive big-cats such as lions, cheetahs, tigers and leopards as well as a variety of the smaller cats, such as caracal and civet.

The park is scheduled to have a constant supply of cubs, which will be transported over long distances from a dedicated breeding facility, as yet to be established in the Eastern Cape. 

The park is expected to encourage animal/human interaction with particular emphasis being placed on cub petting. While this may appear to be an innocent activity, there is a much darker, and indeed sordid side to this repulsive industry. 

Female lions in the wild usually give birth every second or third year. Under the breeding programs, captive lionesses can be forced into giving birth up to FOUR TIMES per year. Her cubs will be torn away from her, causing immense separation anxiety issues on both the mother and her cubs. 

The breeders deliberately remove the cubs from their mothers and have the gullible public pay to have the opportunity of handling. This causes cubs to “imprint” on humans rather than the natural course of imprinting on their mothers.

At this young age, cubs require plenty of sleep. They also need exercise to roam and play. Tragically, parks that offer petting, such as the proposed George Wildlife Park, keep the animals in confined spaces that are way too small so as to save money on housing costs. Cubs are denied the opportunity of a good sleep and are woken up, dragged from their enclosures and are forced to be part of the photographic opportunities. 

As the cubs get older, they become more and more of a danger to those around them. In order to exploit their commercial value to the maximum, older cubs are regularly drugged so as to make them less of a threat to the unwitting tourists. 

As the cubs grow older still, they begin to lose their cute looks and their playful natures. By this stage they have become so used to humans that they have lost their innate fear. They are no longer wild lions. They are but a shadow of what they are capable of. They grow lazy from being fed and lose their hunting instincts too.

These tame, lazy lions, pose a minimal threat to humans. Since they are no longer generating money as cute and cuddly cubs, the young lions are sold to commercial hunting outfits. 

Here they will be placed in a large enclosure. They are more often than not fed bait laced with sedatives. The bait is placed conveniently close to a hunters hideout and inside the hideout is a stupid tourist with a large gun who has paid a small fortune to pretend that he is the last of the African big game hunters. 

This despicable and disgraceful situation operates as covertly as possible and denials are issued whenever the subject is raised. Volunteers are led to believe they are taking part in a viable conservation project but the truth is that captive bred lions can never be successfully released into the wild.

This subject has seen several shocking exposes that have been splashed across television networks around the world and there are numerous websites that are able to confirm our facts as true. 

The question we put to the good people of George is :Do you want your town to be associated with the cruel, unethical practice of canned lion hunting?" 

Because if you allow George "Wildlife" Park an opportunity to gain a foothold in your region, then surely as the cross burns bright on the Outeniqua Mountains, so too will the City of George become responsible for reprehensible acts of cruelty. 

We therefore ask that you sign our petiton and demand that the city council bans George "Wildlife" Park from operating anywhere within our region. 

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