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Petitioning Archbishop of Canterbury R.t Rev. Rowan Williams and 3 others

The General Synod of the Church of England: Unconditionally ordain Women as Bishops in the Church of England

The Anglican Episcopacy should be open to women. Synod and the Dioceses of the CofE have agreed this. The vote at Novembers synod has been deeply hurtful to many women, and damaged the Church as a whole.

The next time this issue is voted on it should be as a single clause: The Church of England may consecrate women as Bishops.

As well as a campaigning tool, this petition is a way of gathering together people, especially lay Anglicans, who can organize to elect new and representative Deanery, Diocesan and General synods that will effect this change.

Letter to
Archbishop of Canterbury R.t Rev. Rowan Williams
Bishop of Durham Rt .Rev. Justin Welby
Archbishop of York Rt. Rev. John Sentemu
and 1 other
Secretary General, General Synod William Fittall
The dismay felt by many people following the voting down of legislation to allow women to be consecrated as Bishops in the Church of England;
The spiritual maturity and grace of so many women clergy who would serve and support those of all strands of opinion within their dioceses;
and recognising the strong and welcome leadership of the House of Bishops on this issue

We ask that Synod be asked to bring forward 'single clause' legislation to permit the consecration of women as Bishops in the Church of England in precisely the same terms applying to men.

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