signature so that gay couples can adopt

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lots of children are being raised by an entity, children that don`t have the opportunity of having a family and being raised in values for the rest of their life.

In this global problem the most affected are the kids that most of the time the opportunity of having a family, some of them become murderers, drug addicts or smugglers, just because they didn`t have a family to give them love.

My partner and I want to change the world of millions of children around the world.

How? you will ask, well, this problem is linked to another problem, in some countries, gay couples can`t adopt a child or even marriage soIf you sign for this initiative you would being helping us to give a solution to this problems:

-You would be helping us to give the world children a better opportunity of being better pearsons

-you would being helping us also to help the LGBT+ community to fight for his rights and especiallly the right of adopt a kid.

If you are one of that people that don`t like homosexual people, sign just for the kids, for give them a better life and a better future and also a better future for our world because the children are the future.