Stop Concrete Batch Plants in Garland, TX

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Hello, City of Garland and Neighbors! District 5 in Garland has 11 Federal EPA Superfund sites in our neighborhood. The City of Garland took a vote on this April 7th when our community was just beginning quarantine. The City of Garland was given an impact compensation for accepting this in our neighborhood. Because the City of Garland chose an "all one project" this concrete batch plant will be in our neighborhood for five years minimum when it should have only been there for 180 days. This information can be found at

There are no safe levels of Particulate Matter. Even though the batch plant is using a new filter the risk is from the storage of the piles that are mixed together to make concrete. Even with it being watered to keep dust down the water will flow, then evaporate leaving the particulate matter to blow into the neighborhood anyway.

This is too close to our neighborhood. If you would like to join our group efforts please go to our facebook page Garland Greater Good. After dealing with the batch plant we want to focus on other concerns to make Garland Great!