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The forests in Indonesia are burning in such a quantity, that the smoke is suffocating the neighbor countries. E.g. in Malaysia, the people have been advices to stay in doors, and if they really must go out, they should use a face mask, not breath in the very high CO2 particle content in the air. Now the latest info is that the culprist are Malaysian companies, 8 are being suspected and 14 are to be incestigated. 

The burning of the last larger Indonesian forest areas will be a death blow to all endangered animals, and especially to orangutans, but also to other, both endangered and non-endangered animals. The farmers' acts are unforgivable, incomprehensible and the Indonesian government does practically nothing, and the local firemen try to put the fires out ill-equipped, and they could use a lot of  international fire extinguishing help as we speak. 

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Lets swamp their e-mail addresses worldwide, this is an international emergency! WE NEED TO ACT NOW OR WE MAY LOSE INDONESIAN FAUNA FOREVER!

PS: The Indonesien government lost their logn term chairman 10th of June.

Letter to
Ambassador for Philippines Yohanes Kristiarto Soeryo Legowo
A>mbassador for Finland Mr Elias Ginting
Ambassador for Denmark Dr H. Bomer Pasaribu
and 15 others
Ambassador for Norway Ms Esti Andayani
Ambassador for Sweden Mr. Juniarta Sastrawan
Ambassador for Italy Mr. August Parengkuan
Ambassador for Malaysia Mr. KPH Rusdihardjo
Ambassador for Myanmar Mr Sebastianus Sumarsono
Ambassador for Nigeria Mr. Nurhadi Djazuli
Ambassador for the Russiam Federation Mr. Susanto Pujomartono
Ambassador for Singapore Andri Hadi
Ambassador for South Africa Mr Sjahril Sabaruddin
Ambassador for Switzerland Mr Djoko Susilo
Ambassador for Thailand Mr Lutfi Rauf
Consul General, Chicago, USA Mr. Daulat H Pasaribu
Consul General, New York. USA Mr. Kristio Wahyono
Consul General, San Fransisco, USA Mrs. Raziaty Tansil
Ambassador for United Kingdom Mr Teuku Mohammad Hamzah Thayeb
Dear Mr. Ambassador,

I am very sorry to learn loss of the Chairman of the People's Consultative Assembly of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. H. Muhammad Taufiq Kiemas. My deepest condolences.

I have an urgent matter that concerns your entire nation and its rain forests. I have just learned today that your rain forests are burning, and that the suspected are Malaysian companies. Their intent to burn the the remaining rain forests for palm oil plantations is a disaster to Indonesian nature and environment. The smoke is so thick, that people of Malaysia must wear face masks to be able to breath. At the same time they are destroying the extremely valuable rain forest plants and animal habitats in your country.

The international community is deeply worried about the state of your animal protection legislation, for example the sadly famous Surabaya Zoo, but also the worry extends to the destruction of rain forest, they are the last refugees for the orangutan.

The climate change has begun with a force, and the present burning of Indonesia’s remaining rain forests only makes matters worse, because it causes CO2 emissions larger than ever before in the modern age. The loss of local animal habitats is massive, and your country is in the danger of losing all its free endangered animals in this process, if it is not stopped.

Therefore, I beg you to contact the People's Consultative Assembly of the Republic of Indonesia as soon as possible and stop this devastation in your country.

Please, Mr. Ambassador, help your country by demanding an immediate stopping of all rain forest burning. It will burn in a matter of days, but it takes decades to grow back. The International community is behind every e-mail sent to you in this matter.