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Petitioning Ambassador for Philippines Yohanes Kristiarto Soeryo Legowo and 17 others


The forests in Indonesia are burning in such a quantity, that the smoke is suffocating the neighbor countries. E.g. in Malaysia, the people have been advices to stay in doors, and if they really must go out, they should use a face mask, not breath in the very high CO2 particle content in the air. Now the latest info is that the culprist are Malaysian companies, 8 are being suspected and 14 are to be incestigated. 

The burning of the last larger Indonesian forest areas will be a death blow to all endangered animals, and especially to orangutans, but also to other, both endangered and non-endangered animals. The farmers' acts are unforgivable, incomprehensible and the Indonesian government does practically nothing, and the local firemen try to put the fires out ill-equipped, and they could use a lot of  international fire extinguishing help as we speak. 

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Lets swamp their e-mail addresses worldwide, this is an international emergency! WE NEED TO ACT NOW OR WE MAY LOSE INDONESIAN FAUNA FOREVER!

PS: The Indonesien government lost their logn term chairman 10th of June.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Ambassador for Philippines
    Yohanes Kristiarto Soeryo Legowo
  • A>mbassador for Finland
    Mr Elias Ginting
  • Ambassador for Denmark
    Dr H. Bomer Pasaribu
  • Ambassador for Norway
    Ms Esti Andayani
  • Ambassador for Sweden
    Mr. Juniarta Sastrawan
  • Ambassador for Italy
    Mr. August Parengkuan
  • Ambassador for Malaysia
    Mr. KPH Rusdihardjo
  • Ambassador for Myanmar
    Mr Sebastianus Sumarsono
  • Ambassador for Nigeria
    Mr. Nurhadi Djazuli
  • Ambassador for the Russiam Federation
    Mr. Susanto Pujomartono
  • Ambassador for Singapore
    Andri Hadi
  • Ambassador for South Africa
    Mr Sjahril Sabaruddin
  • Ambassador for Switzerland
    Mr Djoko Susilo
  • Ambassador for Thailand
    Mr Lutfi Rauf
  • Consul General, Chicago, USA
    Mr. Daulat H Pasaribu
  • Consul General, New York. USA
    Mr. Kristio Wahyono
  • Consul General, San Fransisco, USA
    Mrs. Raziaty Tansil
  • Ambassador for United Kingdom
    Mr Teuku Mohammad Hamzah Thayeb

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