Hold PGMOL and Mike Reilly to account for blatant corruption in the game.

Hold PGMOL and Mike Reilly to account for blatant corruption in the game.

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Started by steve nanfan

PGMOL (The Professional Match Officials Board) was designed to govern officiating in the EPL (English Premier League), to the highest standards, and has been under the stewardship of Mike Reilly since June 2009. 

Reilly is most famously known for his performance in the ‘Battle of the Buffet’ at Old Trafford in 2004 when he rewarded a dive by Wayne Rooney with a penalty to help break Arsenals 49 game unbeaten run. 

The huge finance now surrounding the EPL means that the officiating needs to be top-class to avoid doubts of bias or potential corruption (spot-fixing or financial gain due to results or incidents).  Our officials weren’t deemed good enough to have a single representative at the last FIFA World Cup. This isn’t a coincidence. 

Whistlers Dean, Oliver, Kavanagh, Taylor, Scott, Attwell to name but a few continue to show complete incompetence at best, or are actual biased cheats (based on what we see on a weekly basis). Poor old Jon Moss has to keep blowing for cheap free kicks, so he can have a breather.  And now we throw into the mix a good old Aussie, Jarred Gillet, who continues to show bias against certain clubs. What was his background and favourite team watching English football back in Oz? 

The head of PGMOL and the entire refereeing corps need to be held to account on TV after every game to explain key decisions.  Corruption, bias and incompetence must be addressed by the FA. 

VAR was introduced to deal with clear and obvious errors (eg Maradona handball), not for some clown sitting in Stockley Park to decide the outcomes of games.  VAR don’t ask the referee to decide, they tell them to change decisions. 

Why are certain fixtures played out whereby yellow card tackles are deemed not worthy to be administered by certain referees.  Shouldn’t all fixtures be played under the same rules? That clearly isn’t the case. 

inconsistency or blatant cheating??  

The events at The Emirates on New Years Day once again leave a dark cloud over the officiating of our National game.  

Poor officiating needs to dealt with & officials removed from future games. But it won’t be under Reilly’s stewardship. 

Mark Halsey (former EPL official) alluded to certain bias and spot-fixing. All was buried under the table by Reilly. 

The FA need to act now.  It’s clear that Reilly & co aren’t fit to run PGMOL. 

Reilly must be removed and The FA need to review the entire PGMOL organisation. High finance always leads to corruption.  

We demand immediate action now and a full review of the PGMOL organisation. 


269 have signed. Let’s get to 500!