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Reform Florida's Autism Insurance Mandate


Like so many parents of countless  children in the Autism Spectrum in Florida, we at AUTISM CONQUERS, are waging a battle with our insurance company to get the reimbursements we are entitled to by law.

 According to recently released data, 1 in 50 children are diagnosed in the Autism Spectrum in the US. There is no cure for Autism, but it is a treatable condition. Early intensive intervention is the key to progress.  Families with  means spend more than $60,000 per year on therapies such as Applied Behavior Analysis. A study in 2006 by the Harvard School of Public Health estimated that it costs $3.2 million to take care of an individual with autism over his or her lifetime.

The lack of resources in Florida is astronomical, and that is the reason why we established our nonprofit organization Autism Conquers, so that it could enable us and those who support our cause to create awareness, and help other parents from having to move to another State in order to get the treatment their kids need and deserve.

 Insurance companies are delaying and denying coverage for autism treatment in Florida. Health plans often change coverage hence preventing individuals from obtaining the medical care needed. Autism Coverage in Florida is flawed.

Insurance companies and the government must face the reality that this is an epidemic, and if not addressed correctly, can leave us with hundreds of thousands of disabled adults. In essence, ensuring that our children get the right therapies and assistance will guarantee that they can be mainstreamed into a normal lifestyle as  adults.

We are asking for your help to call on Florida Senate to work on a COMPREHENSIVE REFORM OF FLORIDA’S AUTISM INSURANCE MANDATE. At present it covers just a small percentage of kids affected. We are asking for an increase in the amount of coverage and for the elimination of the exceptions that make the claiming process almost impossible.

 Please help us!

We need your signature and support for this cause that affects so many families in this country

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The Florida Senate
I just signed a petition calling on the Florida Senate to reform the State Autism Insurance mandate. Let's tell our lawmakers that we support legislation that mandates appropriate and comprehensive care for people with Autism.
We are standing together to call Florida Senate for an increase in the amount of the coverage and the elimination of the exceptions that make the claiming process almost impossible.

The current mandate benefits the insurance companies and not children who desperately need it. The urgency of this is crucial. Children on the autism spectrum have a very limited time span to ascertain that therapies are effective.

We must take care of our most vulnerable people.