Cancel the Rs. 150 transaction charge applied by banks on transaction

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Respected Sir,         

With due respect to the constitution of India I did like to bring to the notice the new rule applied by banks to charge Rs. 150 on the money transactions 

Banks are an institution formed to help the public. We keep our money in banks bcoz they promise good interest rates for the money deposited. For our convenience so that we can withdraw it from ATM at whenever we need it. We the people are not obliged to keep it in banks if we don't feel the need. 

If I am going to be charged Rs. 150 for transacting on my own hard earned cash, why should I even deposit it in a system called bank? I have my own safety lockers at home or some place, where I can keep my money safe.
Do not try to fool the people by creating a fake scenario that banks are mandatory for a living or something like you cannot survive without a bank. Banks are just a common locker system for a society of people. A system will operate with or without banks. Banks depend on the common people. Common people needn't depend on banks.

#say_no_to_banking if these atrocities continue

If people stop depositing money in banks I wonder how will the banks survive. But we the people can and will survive without the banks like we had done for centuries. Today they are charging us for transactions if this trend continues may be tomorrow they will charge us on keeping our money in banks. 

What the sense of working so hard if can't use our own money freely and without restrictions. There has to be an end to this. The Government and the Banks need to realize they are formed for the well being of people and to harass the common man in every possible way. 

Why don't the Government and banks take action against the loan defaulters. Why they just keep on making our life miserable?