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We, the people of the Philippines, are united to OUST the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte for extreme disregard of our rights during the Covid-19 Pandemic crisis.

Orders to kill people
- Military solution to a public health crisis;
- De facto martial law thru unreasonable checkpoints and curfews
- Mass arrest of more than 17,000 Filipinos while officials who violate testing and quarantine protocols go scot-free
- Shoot to kill order to those who will complain to the government's inaction

Undermines Local Government Units
- Harassment, threats, and filing trumped up charges against local officials
- Undermining local efforts to fight COVID-19 (red tape in the approval of local testing centers)
-penalizing LGUs who will not abide

Slow response to COVID-19 crisis
- No improvement of healthcare system
- No protection for frontliners especially health workers (late distribution of PPEs)
- No mass testing
- Implementation of total lockdown without any concrete plan
- Zero economic aid for the poor, especially the homeless and those in the vulnerable sectors
-VIP Testing
-No support to Filipino scientists aiding in the fight against COVID-19 (no support for UP testing kits) 

Tyranny and Puppetry
- Late banning of flights from countries with COVID-19 cases, especially from China
- POGOs still operating
- Emergency powers to spend 275B
- Media blackout on Malacañang's plans on COVID-19
-Curtailing the freedom of speech

President Duterte is more deadly than the Covid-19. With the government's negligence and inaction, Duterte may kill us faster than the virus. The Filipino people deserve better.