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Stop the Global Anticompetitive and Monopoly conduct.

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Dr. Charles Richard Drew an accomplished African American surgeon and medical scientist, made a major contribution to medicine when he discovered/developed Blood Plasma as a means of storing Blood until needed by patients. Since the 1940’s, Blood Plasma has developed quite a variety of uses and is now an indispensable part of standard medical treatment throughout the world. Blood transfusion and vaccines for immunization are among the leading usage of Blood Plasma.

America is a great place but there are a few things that I think need to change. African Americans occupy a unique niche in the history of America and in contemporary national life. The legacy of slavery and discrimination continues to influence social and economic standing. Resilience and forging of social ties have enabled many African Americans to overcome adversity.

For many years, people have suffered from a chronic deficiency in the immune system, and other medical deficiencies, which could be controlled by a drug, made from human plasma. African Americans have been used for medical experimentation, segregation of blood/plasma and today, its blood is used to stimulate economic growth for foreign companies (Grifols of Spain; Kedrion SpA of Italy; Biotest AG of German; CSL of Australia; Baxter International of Deerfield, Illinois and Octapharma of Switzerland); for which African Americans supplies the majority of plasma in the United States and reap no benefits; either social or economic. The United States plasma collection industry is a multi-billion dollar industry annually and maneuvers as a constricted oligopoly, with a high-ranking level of data communicating. Lastly, in the United States there is a lack of racial and ethnic diversity in the ownership and operations of plasma collection centers throughout our Nation. The U.S. Plasma Collection Industry needs to open up its markets and allow equal opportunity for African Americans to participate in the process by executing plasma collection agreements with them. I (Furquan R. Stafford, Sr.) have been developing a plasma collection center since 1994 and have thus acquired an extensive expertise in this industry.

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