Save our native animals from bushfire extinction - call on the Government to use the army

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Our native animals as well as people and farm animals are dying in horrendous bushfires.
With our current bushfire crisis so early in the season and drought over so much of Australia, WHY oh WHY does the federal government not call in the army/defence forces very early in the piece to assist with the fire fighting before it takes hold and destroys so many native animals and their habitats, as well as the terrible human cost and loss of farm animals and properties. 
Our firefighters are soon going to be exhausted as this crazy long fire season progresses. In the past we could call on reserves from other states, but with such widespread fires all of the other states are busy with their own fires. 

So please please sign this petition to get the government to develop and implement a better strategy for managing, controlling and stopping bushfires in their very early stages, by using the army/defence personnel to assist the firefighters, when a fire first starts, BEFORE it takes hold and spreads out of control. 
Airforce Aircraft could also be retrofitted with removable water tanks for firefighting - there are many things that could be done.

It’s not rocket science !!!!!!

Scott Morrison - Don't let the valuable resource of our defence forces be wasted. Let’s spend some of our defence budget on protecting and preserving our OWN country, animals and people. 

Thanks in advance to everyone who signs this petition