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Make Puppy Mills Illegal

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This is important because, these poor, innocent animals are being tortured, but they never did anything wrong. They were born, and put in cages for their whole life. The cages damage their feet, as they are wire on the bottom so their waste can fall through. But, because the cages are stacked, when the waste falls through, it goes into another dogs' fur which eventually causes infection. These dogs are being "punished" for being born, they were born and put in cages, their lives are just there to make their owner money. These dogs are being abused, by humans, even though we passed amendment 8 "No cruel and unusual punishment". We are abusing them, putting them in terrible conditions to allow infection to take over their weak bodies. They are not fed much, and they are mass produced to ensure the owner, the biggest salary. Puppy mills have been around for a good 80 years, and durring all of that time, so many puppies have been born just so an owner can make money. They are not cared for, they usually have genetic disabilities because generations before, that puppy's grandparents got diabetes or an eye disability, which is now passed down through the family. The dogs are in misery because life is so hard with all of their disabilities, just looking at a picture of their face behind the bars of a cage tells it all, they need help!

Make sure to go to  to see how cruel puppy mills really are.

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