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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI): Release the confiscated $3.6 million in Bitcoins from Silk Road founder Ross William Ulbricht back into the Bitcoin community.

Ross William Ulbricht may have been a bad person. He alledgedly commited some horrific crimes. He ran one of the largest drug markets in existance. He was one of the richest Bitcoin users ever. His money, is being held by The FBI. In a Bitcoin wallet, away from everyone else. If the charges are correct, he does not deserve that money. But the Bitcoin community does. If the FBI just holds those Bitcoins, that is just as good as minting them. They will never be circulated ever again. The community could use those. The US government has already stated that they have no interest at all in Bitcoins. Why should they keep them away from everyone else if they don't even want them? I understand that they need them as evidence during the trial, but what will they do after that?

I support the idea that the FBI should set up a Bitcoin faucet to give these back to the community slowly. It would help them go back into circluation, where the community needs them. A Bitcoin faucet, if you do not know what that is, is a website where Bitcoins are given out in miniscule amounts. This would help ensure that everyboday that wants some of the Bitcoin stash could have some, and there would be enough for everyone.

The Government has all of this Bitcoin, and is not even going to use it! They need to do something with it. For real.

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