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Allow gay men to donate blood.

The FDA is forcing the Red Cross and other blood banks to refuse to accept the blood of any man who has had sexual relations with another man "since 1977." The reason?  AIDS.  This is horribly misinformed, and encourages a misinformed, already debunked myth that all gay men have AIDS and that AIDS only exists in the gay male population. Blood banks already screen the blood they collect for gonorrhea and HIV, among other diseases. In addition, their new questionnaire already screens for many unsafe behaviors, which can occur no matter what your sexual orientation is.  So why is this law allowed to continue???????

The FDA needs to stop discrimination against gay men! And it needs to stop spreading misinformation about gay men and AIDS!

Please sign this petition today, and please pass it along to anybody you know with half a brain.  The FDA  must be stopped!!

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