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Earlier today I stumbled upon a website called This website is one of (many) forum websites which focuses on REAL people normalizing pedophilia, rape, incest and even murder. They share VERY disturbing stories about children (sometimes even their own) and the fantasies or plans they wish to carry out which involve the rape and murder of women and children. Some of these are accounts asking for advice as to how to rape, how to murder, how to seduce children.  If you take a look at my Facebook post ( ) or at the horrific website itself (trigger warning) there are many disturbing screenshots and posts to read from. You can see it is not hidden, it is in plain sight. This is not found on the dark or deep web.. it is accessible through ANY BROWSER. Imagine being so confident and comfortable with such evil and horrific crimes that you are able to open up an entire website about it? This is because even THEY know nothing is going to be done about it, so there is no need to hide it. 

I am ashamed to live in a society where things like this can so easily be posted and encouraged on the internet and the amount of people who witness it and do nothing about it. We live in a society that is trying to justify and normalize rape and pedophilia, and this is UNACCEPTABLE. 

The children talked about by adults in these forums are at great danger. One man said he is trying to seduce his own daughter, and if that doesn't work he'd force himself on to her. Although it's extremely disturbing and triggering to read, IT NEEDS TO COME TO LIGHT, SO IT CAN COME TO AN END. 




  • Unfortunately, the website is not down. However, they do tend to change domains a lot. ( & are two they recently changed to) 
  • Many people shared they saw the server was hosted in Sweden, but unfortunately this was just a proxy.
    The website is still active with tons of active members including children as young as 11 years old. 
  • The OWNER of the site is an active user, NATHAN DANIEL LARSON. I updated the petition title and added put him in jail as well, as it is extremely important that he is put behind bars. He is a very dangerous and evil man who is practically like a cult leader in the pedophile community. This is not his first time hosting a website like this one, and if he is not put in jail, it will not be his last.
  • Nathan Larson has no plans to take down his website and he believes he will not be caught. He believes this petition and all of my efforts have simply brought him "publicity". He is actively engaging in sexual and inappropriate ways with minors.
  • He has two group chats via telegram in which he inappropriately communicates with girls as young as 11 years old. One of these group chats is strictly for child porn. (Proof of this is in my latest YouTube video which you can check out for more info about Nathan here ).  
    When I first started this petition I had no clue where this website came from but now it is evident that Nathan Larson deserves to be behind bars for the creation and active use of and many other disgusting websites dedicated to rape and pedophilia. 

Thank you so much for your time and please continue to spread awareness.

We will not stop until Nathan Larson and his cult of pedophiles are behind bars.