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The fashion industry: invest 1% of profits to end abuse in fashion


Almost all major fashion companies have "responsible sourcing" policies on their websites. However the news remains full of stories about slavery in garment factories and factory fires killing hundreds.

Something isn't working and we need to fix it.

We want all major fashion companies to increase their corporate responsibility spending by investing a minimum* 1% of profits to ending abuse in their supply chains. And we want you to join us in demanding action. Failure to sort this means lives will continue to be ruined, and people will continue to die.


* The figure of 1% investment is inspired by the Slavery On The High Street report by Anti-Slavery International. If a company is already spending at least 1% we'll ask them to invest at least 1% more.

Letter to
Corporate Social Responsibility Managers
We know you're trying, but the media remains full of stories of abuse and malpractice. With Bangladesh still fresh in our mind, we want to fix this. For good.

We're like to ask if you will please invest more time and money to responsible sourcing.

We want to see:
1. A minimum of 1% of profits invested into responsible sourcing
2. Grants available for factories so they can afford to implement necessary changes
3. More regular and unannounced audits of factories
4. Better working with NGOs and trade unions to develop meaningful policies.

We want our clothes to be beautiful on the inside and the outside. So let's fix this.

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