Support Covid-19 benefits for farmworkers and a path towards legal status.

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Farmworkers were deemed essential by our government during the Covid-19 crisis but were excluded from the bailout package. They must report to work, but will not be receiving any economic support during this pandemic and financial crisis.

Sign the petition and help in the cause towards giving farmworkers a piece of the bailout package a a path towards legal citizenship for being heroes during this crisis.  The subject of our short film, Amadeo Sumano, came from Mexico to work in the fields of Oxnard in 2007. Amadeo has worked full-time for the entirety of his 13 years in the United States but has not been able to visit Mexico during that time because of his immigration status. Amadeo and the migrant farmworker community are responsible for the food on your table every night. Sign the Petition and help us in our push towards securing legal status for our migrant farmworker communities.

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***A $25 dollar donation can buy 10 quality cloth masks and will help us with farmworker BBQ's, health checkups, and more as the harvest season progresses.

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From Food Tank

Of the 3 million people who make up the agricultural workforce in the United States, 50 to 70 percent are estimated to be undocumented immigrants. The bill proposes that undocumented immigrants who have been working on U.S. farms could apply for a Blue Card, which would protect them from deportation, and allow travel in and out of the country. After three to five years, depending on qualifying work hours, individuals with Blue Card status would become eligible to apply for adjustment to legal status, and ultimately the ability to apply for citizenship."

Who we are:

The and are a joint project that help bring social awareness to the issues Farmworkers face in North America. Through an anonymous job review platform, and advocating for legal status, through the "Blue Card",  we hope to provide improve the working and living conditions for North America's farmworkers.

“(Farm workers) are involved in the planting, cultivation and harvesting of the greatest abundance of food known in this society. They bring in so much food to feed you and me and the whole country and enough food to export to other places. The ironic thing and the tragic thing is that after they make this tremendous contribution, they don’t have any money or any food left for themselves.” Caesar Chavez