Toei Animation: Improve the Animation in Dragon Ball Super!

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Toei Animation: Improve the Animation in Dragon Ball Super!

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Dragon Ball Super has been a dream come true for all fans of Dragon Ball. A series which has been off the air for YEARS has finally come back JUST BECAUSE fans requested it at such a substantial rate. However, just like the old Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Super is suffering from some incredibly inconsistent animation. The animation ranges from being brilliant in some episodes (Dragon Ball Super Episode 13), to looking completely INEXCUSABLE (Dragon Ball Super Episode 5, and more recently, most of Episode 24). 

When other anime is capable of consistently releasing stellar animation (One Punch Man, Attack on Titan, and even SAO), Toei Animation simply can't find its footing. They insist on hiring poor animation studios like Studio Live, Last House, etc. rather than the ones notorious for creating some of Dragon Ball's most beautiful animation (Studio Junio, Studio Cockpit, Shindo Productions). If other animation studios can produce the beautiful animation that DBZ's better projects produced on a weekly basis, why can't Toei?

It's about time someone told Toei we aren't going to tolerate this poor quality just for the sake of quality. Dragon Ball is one of the most PROFITABLE Anime franchises of all time, so budgetary restraints shouldn't be this much of an issue.

We understand that the working conditions of animators in Japan are pretty bleak, but when other studios can produce beautiful animation while Toei animation STRUGGLES, it's completely inexcusable.


So please, if you're a Dragon Ball fan, fan of anime, or generally appreciate good TV/animation, please sign this petition. It's time Dragon Ball Super is watched the way the fans, and Toriyama, wish for it to be viewed. This poor animation is bordering on the line of being disrespectful.

IT'S BEST FOR THIS TO HAPPEN SOON and possibly have some episodes re-done, before DBSuper is broadcasted internationally and, not just Japan and a few US fans, but the world laughs at some of this awful animation.


If you want to see what animators with a PASSION FOR THEIR PROJECT can do with an AVERAGE Anime budget, watch this video on the success on One Punch Man and its animation:


To see a breakdown of Dragon Ball's inconsistent animation style throughout the years, look at this:

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