Diversify the Curriculum of the Fairport Central School District

Diversify the Curriculum of the Fairport Central School District

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The widespread support of recent racial justice and Black Lives Matter events in Fairport shows that we can be hopeful for real change on the horizon.  Change that we here in Fairport NEED to be a part of.

We need change in this world.  It is as simple as that.  Now, how to achieve this change is a very difficult endeavor.  To begin, we need to learn from our mistakes if we are to truly become better people.  However, our schools do not teach our children about how people of color have been segregated and kept down in our society for hundreds of years.  They do not teach our children about racial injustice and systematic racial abuses that our country continues to commit.  If we don’t learn about our horrific “mistakes”, how can be possibly learn from them?  We believe that the Fairport Central School District has an inherent responsibility to teach our children about all of history- not just a version of it that perpetuates insensitivity and has a “casting a blind eye” sentimentality to the abuses African Americans, Native Americans and other people of color have had to endure.  We are deeply concerned that the education being provided by the Fairport Central School District is insufficient to prepare its students for understanding and acting upon social problems of our world.

We CAN do better.  We HAVE to do better.

Fairport School District must take a stand.  With the District’s support, teachers will have the resources and backing to teach this information in the classroom. The best part is, the hard work has already been done.  Pathstone Foundation has created a curriculum titled “Untaught History: Structural Racism & Resistance Curriculum”.  It directly correlates with State standards and allows for schools to easily transition into a holistic, honest approach to teaching history.  

When Pathstone met with our School Board in January, the Board told the organization they were not interested in this instrumental instruction.  Perhaps the Board was not willing at that time to take a stand.  However, in response to the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, the people of this country have finally decided we are no longer going to keep quiet about racism- outright or structural.  Fairport CSD has already taken an important step with their “Lead by Example” initiative.  They are listening.  Now is the perfect time to make our voices heard.

Recently, the Fairport School District Superintendent, Brett Provenzano, signed a collaborative message from the Superintendents of the Monroe County Council of School Superintendents called “Stand Against Racism”.  In this document, it is stated, “We acknowledge that discrimination exists in all of our communities. We see it in the bias that exists within our districts. We see it in the trauma that hatred and oppression inflict on our students and families. We see it in the educational inequities that continue to perpetuate glaring disparities in student outcomes. We know that the fight against racism, oppression and hate cannot fall solely on families of color or within the confines of only some school districts. We all must lead this transformation together.” In this document, Brett Provenzano has pledged to “publicly commit to leading the change that will create lasting equity in our schools… We take responsibility for educating ourselves and will be intentional in rebuilding our education system which has not served underrepresented student populations well.”  The superintendents have also pledged to “accelerate professional development in areas including culturally responsive education and restorative practices”.

While we highly respect and appreciate these recent efforts, let’s make Mr. Provenzano aware that we want and need this change... that we don’t plan on forgetting about his pledge.  Let’s help Mr. Provenzano find the necessary resources, curriculum and training necessary for this to occur. 

We live in Fairport for many reasons.  One of our top reasons is the amazing schools. However, these amazing schools need to do better by our students- our future leaders.  As a community that cares for its residents, adopting this curriculum just makes sense.  Please help us make change.  Here is how you can do it:

1.) Sign this petition… it is as easy as that.

2.) Write or call our Superintendent, School Board members, Principals, Assistant Principals, Assistant Superintendent of Instruction and Union leader and strongly encourage them to make this necessary change.  Demand these leaders teach our children the real history of the United States, include more books/poems/art/music from people of all skin colors in our curriculum, directly discuss the accomplishments and contributions of minorities to our country, hire more people of color and adopt Pathstone’s curriculum.

Superintendent-  Brett Provenzano

Address:  District Office, 38 W. Church St., Fairport, NY 14450

Email:  bprovenzano@fairport.org

Phone Number:  (585)421-2004

Assistant Superintendent of Instruction-  Kerstin Wheeler

Address:  District Office, 38 W. Church St., Fairport, NY 14450

Email:  kwheeler@fairport.org

Phone Number:  (585)421-2016

Board of Education Members-

Address and Phone Number:  Individual addresses and phone numbers can be found using the link above.

Emails: mcardona@aol.com; ‎KHG249th@gmail.com; ‎judyolsgt@gmail.com; ‎dwbuffum@gmail.com; ‎peteforsgrenboe@gmail.com; ‎kostykj@gmail.com; ‎tsliszboe@rochester.rr.com; ‎alabarbera@fairport.org‎

Teachers’ Union Leader-  Susan Casement

Address:  140 Hulburt Road, Fairport, NY 14450

Email:  webmaster1.fea@gmail.com

Phone Number:  (585)474-6897

3.) Get students involved.  Have your children or grandchildren write hand-written letters to the above people explaining why they personally want to see change.  (When I asked my second-grade daughter if she wanted to help, she jumped for joy.  I gave her a voice she didn’t know she could use.  And her letter is so much more powerful than mine.  Kids are way better at this than we are.)

Thank you for taking the time to make a difference.  Let’s work together to make the change we all know is necessary.

1,433 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!