We urge ESUHSD to reinstate a true choice for students living in the EVHS/MP option area.

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Were you aware that on June 23, 2016 the East Side Union School District made changes to policy that took away our “option” to attend Evergreen Valley High School?

As a default, our children are now automatically enrolled into Mt. Pleasant High School. We can then petition a change IF space is available. With EVHS nearing capacity, this option can be taken away and our children would be forced to attend Mt Pleasant High School.

These changes were a shock to many of us and we have started a campaign to get these changes reverted. Even if you don’t have children attending school or your children are already safely in EVHS, your home prices will be affected by no longer having the EVHS as a future option. Some estimate a drop of at least 20% of current market value. We have started this online petition open to residents who attend the affected option area in the area that lies between Norwood, Tully, White, and Murillo. Please share this information with your neighbors and let’s get as many people to sign this petition to show the district we are serious and need to be heard. We also need the district and EVHS to act upon improving fraudulent attendance from students who do not live within its boundaries or option areas. Lastly, we would like the district to phase out the option area in the next few years as enrollment declines, making Tully the permanent border between EVHS and MP. Removing the option area will assure residents south of Tully that their children can attend their neighborhood school that is closest in proximity to their homes.