Change the Town

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Currently, the Town of Tyrone's ordinances defines livestock to include potbelly pigs or minipigs.  These pigs while swine are not commonly used for food but as pets. I would like to change the definition to exclude pot belly pigs and make them legal everywhere in the town limits just as dogs, cats, birds, and other pets are allowed!

I am passionate about this as I have a pet pig named Ziggy the Piggy.  We rescued him at 4 months old and he has lived with us now for a year and a half.  We all love him so much!  We have a neighbor who is upset and wanting to take it out on our pet.  Pigs are very intelligent and grieve when they have to be rehomed.  Not to mention we would be heartbroken without Ziggy.  I am currently putting the research together to take to the Town to help educate them about the difference between feeder pigs and mini pigs.  I would love to be able to take them a list of supporters also!!  Please consider signing the petition and help Save Ziggy the Piggy!!!  #saveZiggythePiggy