Stop the Horrendous Smell at Highfields Waste Disposal Site Walsall Wood

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I along with many other residents of Walsall Wood, Rushall, Shelfield, Brownhills, Clayhanger, Pelsall and visitors to these areas have been suffering an increasing amount of smell from the Highfields Waste Disposal Site (landfill) opposite the Horse and Jockey pub for several months. 

  I personally live approximately half a mile from the site and the smell is so bad particularly through the night, it leeches into my home even when the doors and windows are shut affecting sleep quality and some mornings we wake up feeling physically sick. We have to run steamers through the night with essential oils to disguise the smell and during the day burn candles.

  When you wake up you feel trapped because your home smells of a noxious, gassy, eggy stench but you can’t even open your windows because the smell outside is even stronger.  On some days I’ve had to leave my home to get a break from the odour because it’s made me feel ill constantly smelling it.  You can drive all the way through Brownhills some days before you are free of the smell.  

  The landfill is opposite a residential home and the Horse and Jockey Public House. After discussions with them they have said the smell is affecting their business and I can only assume it must be having the same affect on the Barron’s Court Hotel which is to the side of the landfill.  

  I have heard many reasons why we might be getting an increase in the smell i.e weather, but we get this smell when it rains, when’s it’s sunny or when it’s frosty.

  Vandalism to the pipes. If this was the case why haven’t the pipes been fixed by now?  We’ve been experiencing this problem increasingly since the summer.  Emergency work? What will the time frame be for this work to be carried out. 

  As a community we’ve made many complaints to the environment agency, Walsall Council, the landfill site itself, local councillors and MPs.

  This petition is to show them just how many people are really affected by the smell whether it be passers by having the awful stench coming into their cars and buses, our children walking to school,  joggers having it hit the back of their throat while they are trying to get some exercise, our local community and businesses trying to make a living and the local residents who have to wake up to this smell day in, day out where there really is no escape.  

  Please sign and share on all your social media platforms and let’s really try as a community to get something done about this awful smell once and for all.  

Many thanks.