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Stop "Propaganda of Symbolism Hidden Messages in Entertainment Businesses

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Stop "Propaganda of Symbolism Hidden Messages in Entertainment 

Since the introduction of highly propelled technology used for corporate interest and government agenda through the vessel of mass media, the Entertainment World has affected the conditions of the minds of the people and the youth of today and has caused a great conflict amongst generations and newcomers of a generation. The Music Industry and Television/Movie Industry have perpetuated each and every individual to believe in the materialized values of a marketing machine and to disregard good morals and financial stability through their many deceptive and manipulative techniques utilized to influence and subject the  peoples' subconscious minds into accepting the malicious criteria, beliefs and acts. This not only impedes moral judgments, but misconstrues the awareness of perceiving the actuality of such harmful inflictions of the subliminal, and blatant mind control that oppresses this global society. We must eliminate the attack on our sacred temple, our hearts, minds and souls, and direct our fellowmen and women to mold and shape a world of peace and harmony. Never should we associate ourselves with violence, animosity or hate against one another, and never allow powers of evil to separate us, stand by vividly as destruction compromises our serenity and well beings, or stoop to levels of manipulation of the consciousness of mind, body or spirit. 


Janice Zeno

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