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Each year since 1986, American Rivers has released its America's Most Endangered Rivers report to spotlight the nation's ten most imperiled rivers. This year, the Little River found itself at #4 on the Most Endangered Rivers List. The Little River, home to an abundance of fish and wildlife, provides drinking water, irrigation, and recreational opportunities to the surrounding communities. A proposed water supply dam would not only cost taxpayers millions, it would severely harm the river's health. American Rivers proposes better, more reliable, and cost-effective solutions to meet the area's water supply needs, including comprehensive water efficiency measures, and expanding existing water supply reservoirs. Raleigh and Wake County should pursue these smarter and cheaper alternatives, and protect the valuable resources of the Little River.

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Letter to
Raleigh Public Utilities Director John Carman
Raleigh Public Utilities Assistant Director Kenny Waldroup
An adequate and reliable water supply is critical to the strength and well-being of our community. We can have this reliability and protect the Little River at the same time.

The analysis done as part of the Environmental Impact Study of alternatives for providing a reliable water supply to Raleigh indicated several options that could be used to meet the same water supply needs as building the new impoundment.

For example, the backbone of water supply for the city and community must be water efficiency. This will create flexibility within the system so that it can adapt to drastic changes in weather patterns and meet the increased demand caused by growth.

Additionally, reevaluating the use of current water impoundments like Falls Lake, and adding to current supplies with water from existing local quarries during times of drought, would give the protection needed for long-term planning.

The Little River is too valuable a resource to be submerged by an unneeded impoundment. For this reason, American Rivers has identified the Little River as one of America’s Most Endangered Rivers of 2010.

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